meAs far back as I can remember I always wanted to start a revolution. Over the years I endured many struggles and had way too much time on my hands to think of solutions to the problems that are plaguing the world. I have since developed a strategy to start a writer’s revolution through which The People will battle the snares of mass media while raising funds to establish community owned production.

I established TheSeedSowerz Communications in 2014. The website is a work in progress, but it is almost ready for members to join and start writing. The goal for the website is to get people to create news to raise awareness about issues that are important to each team.

The teams will use a project management system to aid the process of creating business plans and other prerequisites that are necessary to establish community owned production. News teams will earn points that will be exchanged for cash to fund completed projects. Teams can also use a fundraising component to raise funds to establish production. As communities continue to establish community owned production, we will become a network of producers that work together like a government to resolve community problems without the need for taxes.

I am an alumni at the Parent Leadership Training Institute aspiring to use the skills I learned in the program to encourage The People to engage in civic duty. I have an associate’s degree in business management, and I am currently working on a bachelor’s in journalism.

Check out TheSeedSowerz Communications website for more details.

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