Hierarchy is a dilapidating vacuum that sucks up all the conflicting energies of the world then spews them back out into a whirlwind of trickery. Since the world is divided into factions and the factions unwittingly rely on the same source of information, elitist bottom-feeders are in a position to manipulate both sides of every conflict for their own personal gain. The Mission and Vision of our revolution serve to break from the authority of those seeking dominance by empowering communities to claim their sovereignty. We value the power of community over all other authority and the impact of words over weapons.

The two-party system of governance is an outdated concept that no longer serves its intended purpose. The US was originally constituted as a federal hierarchy with one party that dominated the system. The republican party was birthed as a resistance movement against the federalists. The two-party system served as a means to balance authority while the US government was still in its infancy. Now that the system has matured, The People are fully equipped to break from the two-party system and establish new guards for future security.

In a system of hierarchy, communities are forced to rely on elitists for everything from the products they use to the laws they abide by. As individuals devour global resources for the sake of their bank accounts, communities are left to fight each other over scraps that are left behind. Such a fouled ideology has corrupted the social matrix to the point that The People no longer discern the importance of self-sustained communities.

Every community in the world has some sort of resource or talent they can use to sustain their own existence. Self-sustained communities reduce the need for taxes because they can produce everything the community needs to survive on its own. When the need for taxes is knocked out of the equation, the community is then justified to establish and uphold its own laws. Communities that are modeled around self-sustenance are less likely to experience high-crime rates because the model is founded on the participation of all members of the community.

The manipulation of the elitist mind control regime has reached the end of its rails. The only reason they have been so successful in the minefield of trickery is because The People have not yet realized the full power of social networking. Our writer’s revolution aims to lay rest the deluded ideologies that have been force-fed to the masses. Words are the deadliest weapons in our arsenal. Community is the power that fuels our flame. May the seeds of wisdom that disperse from our kingdom grow into fruition within the hearts of man.

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