In the beginning, humanity roamed the Earth in self-sustained, self-governed tribes. All members of each tribe held vital roles within the civic structure. As hierarchy continued to progress into an unholy union between church and state, a cunning more sinister union slowly crept its way through every facet of the global economy; dominating every market, choking out every resource. State sponsored corporatism is institutionalized theft against The People, theft that has impoverished nations worldwide for the betterment of a handful of families. Our vision is to ignite a revolution of civic engagement through which communities worldwide will reclaim their sovereignty.

Civic engagement requires certain elements to maintain participation within the community, thus stimulating economic growth and social functionality. Such elements include a system of governance, a method for all members of each community to participate in the system, and a means of production through which each community can sustain its own governance. Without these elements, society is but a mass of scatterbrained dissidents willfully marching to the drum of perdition.

The age of internet and social networking has made it easier than ever to provide convenient methods for civic engagement. Our plan is to combine these tools into a powerful network while generating funds to fuel a revolution of community owned production. Users will create news teams to raise awareness about issues that are important to each team. The teams will use a project management system to aid the process of creating business plans and other prerequisites that are necessary to establish community owned production. News teams will earn points that will be exchanged in cash to fund completed projects. Teams can also use a fundraising component to raise funds to establish production. As communities continue to establish production, we will become a network of producers that work together like a government to resolve community problems without the need for taxes.

Community owned production will inevitably remove the elite from their lofty positions, and transfer all power and authority to The People. When a community owns production, the community decides how the product is produced, marketed, distributed, and how the profits are spent. Such a powerful business model is conceivably the biggest threat the 1% could ever encounter, which is why the 1% have gone through extreme lengths to confuse The People so they will never learn the truth about public ownership (also known as communism). By establishing production, communities will compete against the elite for wealth. Since community owned production has a built-in consumer base, the elite will have no chance to compete, and they will go out of business.

Elitist propaganda has effectively turned the global community into a mass of half-witted zombies. The People believe what they see on TV and react accordingly without any self-conceived thought or confirmation that what they are told is true. A writer’s revolution geared toward establishing community-owned production will combat the snares of mass-media while providing a means for communities to become self-sustained and independent from the federal government. When every community in the US claims their sovereignty, the federal government will exist only to aide the process of community governance. The US will then serve as a working example of anarchic sovereignty.

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