Apathy is the leading cause of social conflict. The People are so reliant on mass media for credible information that we fail to develop unique perspectives and goals for future progress. Politics creates divisions among The People, thus promoting a perfect atmosphere for manipulation. When apathy and manipulation collide, the end of all matters explodes into a dog eat dog, each man to his own, victorless battle for peace of mind. Our writer’s revolution aspires to waken the debilitated minds of The People, and arouse all to action in a climactic uprising through which all truth will come to light.

The human ability to think, plan, write and create is the boast of our existence. Without this fundamental mode for advancement, we are nothing more than wild beasts subjugated by the indiscriminate aggressions of the natural world. Representative democracy enables citizens to shirk their natural inclination to expand their intellect. Rather than encouraging citizens to get involved with civic duty, politicians make flamboyant promises to solve all our problems. Many have become dependent on the promises made by politicians and never question the means through which these promises are fulfilled. Others have become annoyed with the lack of accountability endorsed by those who take handouts then hurry on back to their slumber.

The process of writing requires for citizens to use their own thoughts to articulate their views. Research and communication are vital aspects of this process. Research enables citizens to become more aware of the consequences of their actions. Effective communication requires for citizens to articulate their views in an acceptable manner. Through research, writing and communication we can establish a platform for progress that will lead to the only true republic: direct democracy.

A writer’s revolution will embolden citizens to step out of the two-party bandwagon and start developing their own goals for future progress. As the revolution progresses, we will transcend into direct democracy by default. The People’s lack of engagement in civic duty is the main reason representative democracy exists. A revolution of thought, driven by goal-oriented writing and communication will create the foundation necessary for direct democracy to work.


The first step in our plans to start a writer’s revolution is to get the website working properly. The website operates on Joomla CMS, which provides endless possibilities for advancement but it needs some professional help. We chose Joomla because we want to sell the extensions created for our site in order to build a network of community-based websites. Each website will display community goals for progress, business plans for community-owned production, and writings from community members. Communities will form news teams on our site to raise money to establish community-owned production.

Once the website is working properly we will start recruiting writers. Our main objectives for writing are based on specific goals; however, members can write whatever they want. Writings that pertain to our specific goals will take precedence over others.

Visit TheSeedSowerz.Com to see the website

Main Objectives for Writing

  • Creative solutions to social, economic, political and environmental issues
  • Revealing misconceptions about economics, specifically community ownership (communism)
  • Revealing misconceptions about governance, specifically anarchism
  • Revealing the truth behind the bloodbath that led to IsraHELL
  • The history of state-sponsored corporatism that led to Elitist domination
  • The truth behind the drug war and uprising of the police state
  • The history of US attempts to create states in other nations
  • The history of US blatant attempts to destabilize other nations
  • The uprising of fake terror attacks sponsored by mass media and occult organizations seeking to scare people into a religion of ‘love’
  • All attempts by Elitist forces to throw the masses into submission by destroying our health, wealth, resources and future security

We have numerous short and long-term goals aimed at claiming political and economic sovereignty for communities. We want all communities to become self-sustained and independent from the federal government. Each community will establish a system of governance that allows community members to be directly involved with the lawmaking process. Each community-based government will be sustained by a means of production to provide funding without taxes.

Short term goals are as followed

  • Raise money to fix the website or find a web developer or investor who is willing to work with us
  • Set up the forum to start test running the concept of community-based government through goal-oriented discussion threads
  • Recruit writers and establish a collection of writings to assist members with their writing endeavours
  • Tell your beloved servant Maria to get a grip and stop wallowing in despair
  • Develop a business plan that gives the majority of ownership to the public while leaving room for investors
  • Establish a strong presence on the internet

Long-term goals are as followed

  • Establish a network of community-based websites
  • Develop a fundraising system to allow communities to raise money to establish community-owned production
  • Host writing competitions and award ceremonies
  • Develop extensions for debating, online protesting, project management, petitioning, and other revolutionary activities
  • Establish an anti-news channel
  • Create an online system of governance that enables citizens to easily participate in civic duty